30 November 2018 #1011661

Adidas "Professional Inspection"

What customer care? I bought a pair of Solar boost shoes from the Istanbul marathon fair on November 10, 2018. I went out for jogging only three days after. I felt somewhat discomfort on my right shoe. I didn't pay attention that much although I was running on tracks.

I have three other attempts of jogging with them, but in the end, the right shoe caused pain on my foot. So I took them to an Adidas store in Ankara, Turkey. They dispatched them for inspection, and the result comes in 3 days as there was no problem with the shoes.

Can you believe this? Funny part, running on the tracks with jogging pace could have never caused me any pains. Are those shoes trash now? Back to glide boosts until I figure out what to buy next...

Yiğit K. Yiğit K. 10.775 Views

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