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I think the problem with AliExpress is the fact that their responsibilities end once you sign the receiving form for your package from them. I was absolutely annoyed when I found out that the tablet that I had …

12 February 2019

It has been three months, and I am still waiting for the products which I paid. I can not open a dispute because the time for 'User Protection... ' is out. I did not open dispute earlier because the notificatio…

02 February 2019

I ordered my package on September 26, 2018, and since then I have been waiting for my order to deliver me. However, I have no idea where my package is and it more than months. Also, my order number is: 94689420…

24 January 2019

Today I just received my order of AliExpress. I was at home all day long today. However, sender shipping PTT in İstanbul/TURKEY didn’t even ring the bell for the order. They just leave the order outside the bui…

09 December 2018 is the worst e-commerce site ever; they have very cheap stuff and no customer service or support. I have bought dell computer parts for over 400 $, and they send 3 rd quality parts some are missing some are really really bad. So I contact them but no supp…

26 November 2018

I bought one jacket which is XXXL size from Aliexpress, from "Farthestsailing Fashionable Store". However, the seller sent me "M" size. So that, I opened a dispute to take my money back and refund. After that s…

19 November 2018

I bought one sweatshirt from Aliexpress with the ID no:96313797556378. After one hour I try to cancel my order, and I recanted to buy it. I did everything in their website. However, seller didn't send me at that moment. But after days I saw, they took my money from my c…

19 November 2018

I am a member of Aliexpress, and I usually use, and a pleased customer got a bag from Aliexpress. Unfortunately this time my order has come with the wrong details. My order which is the bag came in the wrong color. I wanted the black bag, and I chose the black color spe…

04 October 2018

I purchased an item with AliExpress months ago. The device was not working, and I contacted the seller, and he said I have to return the device and he will make a refund when he gets back the item. I returned t…

29 August 2018

I bought a phone case from AliExpress. It passed three months and I still not received it. I was looking for a strong phone case for my iPhone because I am tired of dropping and fixing it. All the cases that I bought before were not really protecting my phone, and I sti…

27 August 2018


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