29 August 2018 #1011466

1.5 Months Passed No Refund Till Now AliExpress

I purchased an item with AliExpress months ago. The device was not working, and I contacted the seller, and he said I have to return the device and he will make a refund when he gets back the item.

I returned the device 1.5 months ago, but I still did not get a refund. All the evidence and proofs are at the attachment that I sent to AliExpress customer service. I have all proofs which are seller saying that he will make refund screenshot, seller get the item back with tracking number screenshot is at the attachment, the device gives no signal error photo is also at the attachment and my payment screenshot.

I contacted AliExpress customer service via live chat and talked three different people at different times, they all said that I am a valued customer and they will solve my problem as soon as possible. However, one month passed I am still waiting for a refund.

I made payment, I returned the device, and I have nothing in my hands. I want my refund!

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