27 August 2018 #1011460

AliExpress Phone Case Not Delivered

I bought a phone case from AliExpress. It passed three months and I still not received it.

I was looking for a strong phone case for my iPhone because I am tired of dropping and fixing it. All the cases that I bought before were not really protecting my phone, and I still had cracks. So, I saw a phone case that claiming they are the strongest cases gives a guarantee for not cracked phones. So, I decided to give it a chance. On AliExpress page seller wrote that they are delivering between 12-27 seven days. Also, a seller has good reviews.

Finally, I give my order for that case however, I did not receive it. When I checked the tracking number, it shows that my package delivered. Again, I did not receive anything and now three months passed. I try to contact the seller, and he said that he sent it and showed that delivered.

I do not know what to do, and I already send an e-mail to AliExpress customer service but did not hear anything from them yet. If my package is not going to deliver, I want my full refund.

Hatay L. Hatay L. 2.659 Views

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