19 November 2018 #1011625

No Customer Rights In Aliexpress.com

I bought one sweatshirt from Aliexpress with the ID no:96313797556378. After one hour I try to cancel my order, and I recanted to buy it.

I did everything in their website. However, seller didn't send me at that moment. But after days I saw, they took my money from my credit card, and they sent me that sweatshirt. I wrote their customer service, but there is no answer like all the time.

So that, I will stop buy something from Aliexpress.com. I don't recommend to buy from there. Until you have a problem, the customer service and sellers are so cute. However, after any problem, they are like a monster. There is no right for customers; there is no quality. All these system work to take money from your pocket for nothing.

Ertac D. Ertac D. 10.283 Views

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