04 October 2018 #1008274

Where is Aliexpress Customer Service?

I am a member of Aliexpress, and I usually use, and a pleased customer got a bag from Aliexpress. Unfortunately this time my order has come with the wrong details. My order which is the bag came in the wrong color. I wanted the black bag, and I chose the black color specifically. But what came to me was not even close what I ordered. It came to me the blue bag, and they did not even help me.

The bag is 20 dollars which means it's not cheap. I will complain if it was over 5$. It just not right and a brand like Amazon should not do something like this much unprofessional.

Listen, I'm not picking money on the streets so either give my money back or just do what you are supposed to do and send me the right item I paid for. It is even satisfying when the customer service helps their costumers' problems. When they do that it will be no longer a problem to everyone anymore.

Zehra K. Zehra K. 2.283 Views

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