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AliExpress has adorable and cheap tote bags. Four days ago I bought a tote bag from This is my first time shopping from AliExpress. From my friends, I heard that I could buy many things from their website for cheap. I know that most of the products are f…

12 August 2018

I purchased a microphone from AliExpress. The seller's rate and reviews were high, so I thought that I could trust the product. At the bottom of the product's page, it says that shipping time is 30 days. I thought it is average for AliExpress. However, my product came i…

11 August 2018

I have been buying products from AliExpress for years. However, this time I had a bad experience with the seller and AliExpress's policies. I bought a product from AliExpress, and after a week I decided to cancel because I no longer need it. When I contact the seller fr…

05 August 2018


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