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I had ordered shoes and experienced such a poor service. I learned that my partner found the package by a tree on the side of the road of where our driveway begins - we have a long driveway which goes all the way back to the woods. It's so disappointing since the driver…

09 February 2019

I'm always using online sites for every kind of shopping for myself. However, shockingly only in Amazon Turkey, my orders went wrong address, and this cost me time and also money. So, first I think that it could be related to the shipping company and I talked to the car…

15 January 2019

I have ordered a mobile phone from Amazon Turkey on 27th December. At the next day, I canceled the order and waited for the product to reach me to return it. But it has two weeks, and the product still did not deliver to me. When I contacted Amazon customer services, th…

13 January 2019

I’m always reading stories on Wattpad. However, sometimes I get this advertisement that Amazon rewards thing. It tells me to spin a wheel, and there is no way to get off It besides exiting the tab. This can be very annoying because then I have to stop whatever I’m doing…

31 December 2018

I ordered a cell phone from At the moment I entered the order, one stock appeared on the site. I also paid the shipping fee for early delivery. However, the company did not deliver the product at the specified time. The customer service stated that they woul…

23 December 2018

We have ordered from on 12/09/2018. Free shipping delivery time seemed 12/12/2018. To arrive on 12/10/2018 within one business day of the order, the express shipping service can be used by paying 7.90 USD. We paid the order of 7.90 USD, but on 12/10/.2018 no …

19 December 2018

I just wanted to try Amazon Turkey website to see it is good as the United States. That's why I ordered two product with the code 171-0176740-1642747. Even if the customer service says that products are delivered to me, I have nothing in my hands. I emailed them and tri…

19 December 2018

I got a Clark shoe for winter from Amazon Turkey website around 10-15 days ago. I used to have Clark shoes for many years. I have been pleased with Clark products and their quality. However, except for the last one, I got from Amazon Turkey is completely awful. Clark st…

13 December 2018

I purchased iPhone 8 on 11/30/2018 via using webpage. On 12/4/2018 it came as Samsung j4. Directly I sent the wrong phone back. After that, I spoke with Amazon Tr call center, and they suggested that when they received Samsung j4 to their warehouse, they w…

06 December 2018

I have ordered Samsung Galaxy Note 9 charging cables from Amazon Turkey with the purchase order number of 405-4274218-3473917 on Nov 13th. Latest delivery date was committed as Nov 24th on my Amazon account. I …

04 December 2018


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