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I purchased iPhone 8 on 11/30/2018 via using webpage. On 12/4/2018 it came as Samsung j4. Directly I sent the wrong phone back. After that, I spoke with Amazon Tr call center, and they suggested that when they received Samsung j4 to their warehouse, they w…

06 December

I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Nov 13th with a commitment of delivery on Nov 14th, as a part of an express delivery agreement between me and Amazon Turkey. I called customer service since I have not …

04 December

They canceled the order without any justification without selling a product purchased through their systems at the price they had promised. Much more than the original price. They said they started selling again and returned your money. Turkey too will have difficulty i…

30 November

This is my first order Amazon in turkey I ordered Samsung SSD 860 Evo (287₺). After that, they sent me xiaomi power bank I gave it back and returned to the shipping company for the wrong product. Anyway, I call the Amazon call center, and they said to me I will call the…

30 November

Someone used my credit card without my information and confirmation. I got SMS messages that big amount of money paid by my credit card. After seeing that, I informed my bank and closed that credit card. I also called Amazon also informed that payment or transaction is …

24 November

I ordered a product from the Amazon, and the product that I bought was a Samsung phone. At the opening date of, was canceled by the seller the following day without reason and any explanation. When I reached Amazon customer service, they told me there is n…

30 September


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