06 December 2018 #1011683

Amazon  Bad Experience

I purchased iPhone 8 on 11/30/2018 via using Amazon.com.tr webpage.
On 12/4/2018 it came as Samsung j4. Directly I sent the wrong phone back. After that, I spoke with Amazon Tr call center, and they suggested that when they received Samsung j4 to their warehouse, they will give my money back and refund which is not a solution for me.

Because in one shot I paid it on 11/30/2018 and now they are saying approx. In ten days I will take money back because I have to wait for a delivery period of Samsung to amazon warehouse which is not my business, they sent the wrong phone moreover I have to wait for seven days for bank issues. I merely ask for taking the right product, but they said they could not do it because their system is not allowing that which is a big shock for me. Amazon is not believing me because until they got the wrong phone, they will not give the money back. They suggest to purchase a new one and again Amazon is not trusting me because they are not sending the right phone. They are saying reorder which means I have to pay again but with this bad experience, did you do that?

It was my 1st experience, and a terrible one and I can not think how can they say that purchase a new one! Amazon in Turkey is very new, and they are terrible using customer satisfaction. Now, I will be waiting for repaying like ten days and moreover many speaking with the call center, trying to tell the situation in each time and at the end for nothing. I want to take the phone I ordered. As a result, I am very unhappy and spent any time, and as a result, I do not have phone. I spoke amazon Turkey Call center; I entered comment on Amazon. Tr, I wrote cs-reply.

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