13 January 2019 #1011773

Amazon Can Not Return My Money Back

I have ordered a mobile phone from Amazon Turkey on 27th December. At the next day, I canceled the order and waited for the product to reach me to return it. But it has two weeks, and the product still did not deliver to me.

When I contacted Amazon customer services, they told me that they have ordered the courier firm to return it to them and said that they would return the money to me. But after two weeks of ordering the product, I have received, nor the product or the money and the customer service tells me that they can not track the product and they can not say if the product has reached them or not.

Since I paid the product with a credit card, I have to pay the money to the bank right now, or they will take its interest from me later.

Kübra T. Kübra T. 5.392 Views

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