19 December 2018 #1011692

Amazon Disgrace - Unfair Charge

We have ordered from Amazon.com on 12/09/2018. Free shipping delivery time seemed 12/12/2018. To arrive on 12/10/2018 within one business day of the order, the express shipping service can be used by paying 7.90 USD.

We paid the order of 7.90 USD, but on 12/10/.2018 no delivery was made to me. I called Amazon.com customer service. The delivery date of the order, however, can be done on 12/12/2018 due to the density, he said. I have paid an additional fee to come within one business day, 12/10/2018 if the product was not delivered to my side, I asked to return the fee of 7.90 USD.

Although I indicated that the application would be applied to the Consumer Court if the return was not made, he stated that this fee could not be returned in any way. This is the misuse of the consumer and an unfair charge. If the cost of 7.90 USD is not paid, the delivery will be made on 12/12/2018. This is how a corporate giant brand works. In no way will I place an order from Amazon.com and move this issue to the Consumer Court.

Hakan Y. Hakan Y. 4.423 Views

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