04 December 2018 #1011657

Do Not Trust Amazon Turkey's Commitments

I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Nov 13th with a commitment of delivery on Nov 14th, as a part of an express delivery agreement between me and Amazon Turkey.

I called customer service since I have not received my orders at 17:00 on Nov 14th. The customer representative on the line stated that delivery continues till 22:00, and I should be patient and wait. Additionally, an attitude she has represented was unacceptable, because without any shame she said the amount I have paid for express delivery would be paid back. When I reminded the matter was not paying back, the matter was being aligned on the two-sided agreement between Amazon and me. As expected, I haven't received and called again at 23:00. The answer I have received this time was unacceptable because customer service representative told me that my orders had been waiting in Amazon warehouse and had not been shipped yet, which means I had been lied by the previous contact person.

I have insisted on being connected to one level up customer service team manager, and at last, managed to have a conversation. Customer service team manager shared classical apologies and committed that I would have my orders in my hands before 12:00 on Nov 15th. It was so important from my side because I had an international flight on 16:00 and should have received this phone as an urgent need as per shared with customer service team manager. Unfortunately, as I have shared in attached media, the order was delivered at 18:00, which has been a take-home message for me for not believing Amazon Turkey's commitments.

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