04 December 2018 #1011656

It Makes You Miserable To Trade On Amazon Turkey

I have ordered Samsung Galaxy Note 9 charging cables from Amazon Turkey with the purchase order number of 405-4274218-3473917 on Nov 13th. Latest delivery date was committed as Nov 24th on my Amazon account. I have not received my deliveries as of Nov 28th and decided to cancel my orders.

When I have logged in my account and tried to cancel, I faced with a notification stating that I could not be able to cancel any before than three days after the delivery deadline; But the deadline was Nov 24th, and cancellation was on Nov 28th. (Amazon Turkey may benefit from math lessons for further improvement).

Then I called customer service, but it was another disappointing experience for me because call center contact was dedicated not to let me talk with a rude and snobbish style. She said that order would not be sent from Amazon warehouse, and it was under third-party sales persons responsibility, and she might do a favor for me by tracking the delivery status and the response I have received was unacceptable from my side: my orders had been delivered to somebody I do not know in a different district. Then I have stated that I would report all my experience to local & global bodies, and after this, somehow, my order cancellation status appeared to be active in my account.

But, unfortunately, I see that they will be investigating for 48 hours and pay back in 7 work days, which means order I have purchased on Nov 13th seems not to resolved before mid-December... Shame on you Amazon Turkey!

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