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On April of 2018, I have purchased iPhone X 64 GB from the United States. Recently, I started to have a problem with the phone's battery. So, I immediately called the Apple customer service, and when I called the Apple turkey service, the customer service representative…

07 February 2019

I applied to Turkcell for a mobile signature. They sent 128k symbols with courier, but sim was not active. After a long time, we found the cause. The reason I brought my iPhone X phone from America does not sup…

03 February 2019

I have been used my phone for 21 months. I delivered it to the technical service with four critical problems at 5 January. I didn't get any external technical intervention on my phone for 21 months. I demand th…

24 January 2019

On December 13, 2018, my phone went off, and I went to the Apple Store for repair. Although the phone is cosmetically clean, the report is pulsed, etc. I thought it could be normal. It's only been a year since …

22 January 2019

Apple has an agreement with a firm called Lydia in Turkey, And most of the people are suffering from this firm because of the bad customer service quality. They are not answering their phone; they are not deliv…

20 January 2019

Our phone is switched on and off on its own, cannot be interfered, the clock is falling and wrong, it is heating up. During the warranty period, our phone went to the service with the same complaint four times, battery changes, updates, checks were made. It was repaired…

15 January 2019

I sent my iPhone 6 device to tech support under warranty for the freezing problem. Thanks to them, they have been deceiving people as new devices for many years and sent the new device that they were attracted …

13 January 2019

I have an iPhone 7 128 GB black for a long time. Suddenly, the phone was blocked by iPhone 25 days ago. So, I reached up to the Apple Support. They accepted the problem and kindly said sorry. That was their fault. So as a solution, they promised me to give a new phone, …

09 January 2019

On December 29,2018, I applied to Apple service for a replacement battery under warranty. After a full and long waiting period, the battery of my phone was changed and delivered. However, when I got the phone, the touch ID didn't work, and the phone reactions were slow.…

31 December 2018

I bought my iPhone 6 from Apple authorized service. Due to a Bluetooth problem, I gave the phone to an authorized service, six months before the 2-year warranty expires. In this process, I did not give the phon…

29 December 2018


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