15 January 2019 #1011776

Apple Does Not Comply With The Law!

Our phone is switched on and off on its own, cannot be interfered, the clock is falling and wrong, it is heating up. During the warranty period, our phone went to the service with the same complaint four times, battery changes, updates, checks were made.

It was repaired and reported by the technical service. Our problem is not resolved. In this process, I was left without the phone; I was late for work because the phone clock was back in time, I had to go to the technical service many times and explain my problem. Because of Apple, I became a victim.

By Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 6502 and taking into consideration my victim, I demand new products in the upper model and unopened box with interest.

Abüşra G. Abüşra G. 4.581 Views

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