13 January 2019 #1011768

Apple Exchange New Phones From The Warranty.

I sent my iPhone 6 device to tech support under warranty for the freezing problem. Thanks to them, they have been deceiving people as new devices for many years and sent the new device that they were attracted to.

A new device from 6-7 months after the same problem occurred again sent to guarantee. The response of the service does not cover the guarantee of unauthorized intervention in the device. I do not allow the device to guarantee any unauthorized modifications collective device does not even accept itself I objected to the situation of engineers came into the service by looking at the pictures they gave a negative response. In the meantime, the device came to my hands with cargo freezing problem because I sent the device does not work in a way that I received a note in the Apple service device because of unauthorized operation. Due to the unauthorized intervention because I was working with the device was not working in the form of fault was not working. Now he doesn't.

iPhone users do not exchange new phones from the warranty.

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