22 January 2019 #1011790

Apple Wanted Money For My Guaranteed iPhone 7 Device

On December 13, 2018, my phone went off, and I went to the Apple Store for repair. Although the phone is cosmetically clean, the report is pulsed, etc. I thought it could be normal. It's only been a year since we got the phone, and we've got a guarantee. I took that with confidence.

A week after I checked in, the company returned on December 20, 2018, saying that the phone's speaker had changed, so it was not under warranty and that if I gave 550 USD, they would turn on my phone. Later, I explained that such a situation would be impossible, that I didn't take my new phone to any technical service, and that I was having problems for the first time and directed me to the Apple Repair Center. I told them the same, and after three weeks of the waiting period, I received a negative response from Apple on 9 January 2019.

How could the speaker of their phone have changed? How can you explain this? I will start legal proceedings for both companies and will not pursue this victimization.

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