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I've been wondering why Apple has fallen in recent times, and now I understand why. As of today, 21 business days have passed, but still, nothing to do with the device. And nobody knows anything. I sent my device to be fixed but it is just staying for nothing. The custo…

28 December 2018

I bought the device that changed and fixed two times in just four months, and I still have trouble with Apple. It is not such a company to care about its customer and their satisfaction. I am really tired of sending my phone to technical support and talking hours with c…

24 December 2018

On 2015 I got a gift that 2013 15 inc Macbook pro from my friends now currently the screen is not working there is nothing. When I researched this issue with both customer service and technical support, I was t…

21 December 2018

I left my phone to fix the screen because I cracked my screen a week ago. The Apple technical support first opened a hole to fix the screen. Later they broke my home button. Now my phone is worse than before, and they wanted to charge me more. I am really shocked by the…

20 December 2018

I can not take advantage of the battery exchange program that Apple started after accepting devices slowing down until the end of 2018. When my phone's battery life is noticeably reduced, I wanted to change my battery At the official Apple Store in Akasya Shopping Mall-…

15 December 2018

Apple used six years. One of the most important factors of my preference for Apple was their customer satisfaction. However, I am wrong. On November 5, I gave my device and received a phone call back on November 19, saying there is no problem with the device. When I cam…

13 December 2018

The Apple iPhone 5S phone I sent for warranty on September 13, 2018, is over three months old and still has not reached the end, and every few days the employee in the senior department calls and says "No improvement, please wait a bit longer. " It is a process that is …

06 December 2018

I delivered with the complaint of dead pixels and light leakage, is out of warranty because of the pinhole that only disrupts the cosmetics of the device, as shown in the picture, and this wrong attitude of the…

06 December 2018

Think again when buying an Apple product! I bought an iPhone 6 phone for my brother from When we opened the box of product, there was a bubble next to the home button and fingerprint reader. So, we applied to for a return or an exchange.…

11 November 2018

20000031883428 case number related to Apple brand watch which delivered due to corrosion to Apple technical support. The technical service said that the watch should be replaced with a new one and they explaine…

09 November 2018


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