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I have an Apple iPhone 6S. Phone's headphone jack, microphone, handset and silence mode button don't work stable. I went to Apple Technical Support, and they said to me that they are not responsible for this problems because of the crack on the camera lens. I called App…

09 November 2018

I have been working as the customer representative of Vatan Computer for two years, and we have been sending most phones for repair to the Apple technical support without any problem. So, I know how the process works. My story is, three months ago my Apple iPhone 6 Gold…

07 November 2018

I have an iPhone 6S phone, and the new 12.0.1 software cannot be updated on my phone. I tried even update with connecting to my computer; however, now my phone has not started nor open at all. So, I scheduled an appointment with the Apple technical support on Genius bar…

26 October 2018

I bought an Apple iPhone in September 2018 on the website. I took the phone to the customer service of Apple because the vibration mode of the phone was not working. When I told my problem, they just told me that the phone is unauthorized. That did not even make sense b…

19 October 2018

The phone repair did not happen because of misinformation between Apple and me. Also, Apple services like customer service and tech support were not helpful. My phone returned without change or repair. I victim…

19 October 2018

I was at a loss to install the software one night because the iPhone 6 Plus phone regularly wanted to update the software. Problems starting with freezing, do not charge, loss of screen image, etc. It continues…

16 October 2018

I have delivered my device iPhone 7 32 GB to the Apple tech service because it malfunctioned. I got received information message from authorized service. The message said that is the device ready for pick up. I…

16 October 2018

On January 3, 2014, I purchased iPhone 6 from the Apple store. However, recently I started to have problems from both front and back camera. They both blurring on the camera and occasional freezes on the screen…

16 October 2018

I purchased a iPhone 7 Plus which I bought with a pre-order while ago. However, from the first day to today, it changed three times. The screen, the battery, and front camera changed. But I am still having problems with my phone. Recently, I have a problem with freezing…

12 October 2018

I was supporting and donating to Apple until the time when I bought iPhone 7 128 GB from Vodafone in Izmir, Turkey in October 2018. But I take a message about wrong IMEI code on October 2018. So my phone will c…

07 October 2018


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