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Last night I accidentally purchased an in-app purchasing from PES 2018 mobile app from £ 229. So, I directly want a refund from the Apple by e-mailing the customer service. Then today Apple responded me in the email that “they are unable to make a refund after the inves…

06 October 2018

We are happy and satisfied customers of Apple since 2013 until we purchased the iPhone 6S 64 GB product 14 months ago. We sent to The service because of the malfunction on the screen. However, we met with a great deception. The world brand Apple used our warranty for an…

05 October 2018

I am dealing with an unsolvable problem about my iPhone 5. I have been using my phone for three years. Since then I was happy about it like everyone. But last day, my phone suddenly shut down itself unexpectedly. When I tried to restart, my phone stuck on apple logo. Co…

01 October 2018

I just bought a new iPhone 6s. After I bought two days later, I noticed between a screen and back side of the phone is separate, but it was new, and I was the one who used that phone first, I piked the gelatine on the phone. When I went to Apple technical support, they …

30 September 2018

I'm living in Turkey, and that's why I need to use a VPN program to reach Wikipedia since it's banned. I bought AHA VPN through the App Store, and apple store charged the money from my credit card two days ago.…

28 September 2018

iPhone 7 Plus I plug in my 128 GB phone before going to bed at night. When I got up in the morning, I noticed my phone did not open. I wrote from Apple support that the readers of one of the representatives of the representatives. There were not opening the phone again.…

27 September 2018

I have been using Apple Watch series 3 for seven months however staining and fading occurred on the band of my watch. I try to wipe out the cord however stains and fading still exist. So, I called the Apple customer service, and they told me to bring technical support. …

25 September 2018

I was using iPhone 6 since October 3, 2016. When I purchased the phone for the first time, I also paid for two year warranty. Last week my phone started to turn off while using some applications, and it shows that the phone died even though I charged the whole day. I co…

18 September 2018

On July 18, 2018I bought iPhone 7, and later I cracked the screen. The problem was not just changing the glass, dropping the phone also damaged the inner screen too. So I sent my phone to the technical support. I paid 150 US dollars for repair. After a week I got an e-m…

18 September 2018

After the warranty period of the iPhone 6S Plus, the device was over; the phone started to shut down after a while. So I received support from Apple technical support on 5 September 2018. They told me that the …

16 September 2018


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