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Last month, I bought an iPhone X from the United States, and it started to get crazy after the last update which is 11.2.5. I contacted Apple support team and attached the status photos regarding the bug. The A…

15 September 2018

I bought two iPhone X, and I got one full warranty. I still pay installments. However, the problem is Apple sold me a phone that has a serial number not belong to Apple. I sent the phone to the technical servic…

15 September 2018

I have sent my iPhone 7 device due to the yellow screen lines problem. However, they offer me to fix with the iPhone 7 for 400 US dollars. I supposed it was a joke because the new iPhone price is around that pr…

07 September 2018

I bought a brand new iPhone X silver 64 GB from Apple store on February 21st. When I purchased this device, I asked the salesperson whether or not the phone has a guarantee. She said, "This device has one year guarantee all over the world". I opened the box, turned on i…

17 August 2018

I have been having problems with the battery and home screen button of my iPhone 7. I went to Apple store for repair because its warranty is still going on. They took it to repair. After waiting for six hours f…

17 August 2018

My complaint is about Apple, before 20 days or more I gave my iPhone 7 (which I bought six months ago) to technical service l because of incoming and outgoing sound problem. Everything was fine. However one mon…

12 August 2018

I bought an iPhone X in March, but there was a problem with the incoming and outgoing voice of the device from the first day. In July I went to Apple to fix it. The technical service changed with a new device and added a warranty to the device. Technical service explain…

11 August 2018

In December 2015 I bought iPhone 6s. I was having problems with the battery of it. However, the real problem was about the body, and it did not changed under warranty. After every battery change, when new IOS u…

03 August 2018


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