27 July 2018 #1009165

Audi is Keeping My Car for a Week

Audi mechanic service keeping my car to fix for a week already and my car is waiting over there for so long.

It’s a 2015 model and has 50K km on it. All the car's checks are regularly doing, and I always bought gas from Shell.

Mechanics said car injectors need to change, but even though it still has the warranty, they do not want to let me use it.

I have been waiting for a week for an answer, and I’m not even given a substitute car yet.

I am so frustrated since we’re talking about a luxury car brand!

William C. William C. 15.084 Views


  • William C.'s 'Thank You' Message01 June 2018

    Thank you so much for getting back to me and fixing my problem. And I’d like to thank complaintline as well :)

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