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Bitfinex just implemented a minimum amount for withdrawal. Also, Bitfinex is holding my withdrawals request around Bitcoin for long times so they can claim themselves instead of letting their customer based to …

04 October 2018

Last night, I opened a support ticket because I didn't receive my withdrawal that I performed the day before. Bitfinex showed on their platform that it was processing the withdrawal at the time I submitted the support ticket. I got an automatic email from the customer s…

30 September 2018

At first, everything was working well, and it looked like a solid exchange. But these past few days, I don't receive emails anymore from Bitfinex. Not even confirmation emails. So I actually can't withdraw. It seems like this started after I created a support ticket. Th…

24 September 2018

I tried trading Bitcoin/USD mostly fast trending moves on Bitfinex and lost money in a volatile (good) market. I believe there are two main reasons for this. First is when I would normally execute a trade on my…

20 September 2018

Bitfinex is an international cryptocurrency platform which allows me to trade coins with many customers from all over the world. I liked the platform because they have many various coins for exchange from new o…

23 August 2018


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