28 September 2018 #1005515

Bittrex Disabled Account

It has been four days, and I got a just automatic reply from Bittrex customer support and my account issue not solved yet. I have enhanced user for a couple of months now.

They disabled thousand of users account these past few days, but they are only claiming that its only about 30 people got this issue then why don't solved after four days? They don't twist anything about this, they don't explain the issue, and they don't warn their users. They just ban users on slack who ask them about this issue.

The problem started just in time when BTC go high! Customer support has been terrible, and they just gave the customer support responsibility to bots. Who will be responsible for our loses? Be aware guys if your account is active now consider this event happened to us and just leave Bittrex.

Luscious Luke Luscious Luke 2.179 Views

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