20 September 2018 #1005615

Bittrex Extra Coins

Whenever I try to trade coins on Bittrex exchange, I get extra coins added to my account. Of course, I was happy about it, who wouldn't be?!

Then somehow, the extra coins get sold off except my original coins. After a few transactions, I have to cancel my order because my coins never get executed. Then I try to trade again and again I get extra coins added to my Bittrex account.

I have to keep paying for each trade execution as well, but my coins still don't get filled except the extra coins added to my account. The coins that get filled is always the same amount that they added to my account.

It makes me think there is a bot that adds hacked coins to my account and then it gets sold to someone else's account. I decided to withdrawal all my funds due to bots taking over my accounts.

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