25 September 2018 #1004998

Bittrex Identification

I have been registered with bitter for some months now.

I deposited some amount before, but in the middle of it, I decided to stop with trading for a while. I left some money on the platform, and now I want to get it back. So they requested for some documents from me and identification proof.

The problem is I have uploaded my Russian Passport a few times they did not accept it then I upload International passport in English. Still the same, they denied it. Some issue that I admit is I type my name on Russian keywords and some other stuff. I know its a big mistake because I can't change it now. However, I specifically mentioned it in ticket and upload International Passport still no answer for ten days.

It's just so unfair that Bittrex does not support other language and hold your money because you tried to speak with your language. Plus if they are a big company, why they can't hire people for customer service? I'll wait a few days more if nothing happens I'll start a post about my bad experience.

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