24 September 2018 #1004989

Bittrex Is Not Trustworthy

I opened an account with Bittrex many months ago. It was the time when no verification was needed to withdraw funds.

Then all of a sudden they started blocking my withdrawals. So, I was forced to create the basic verification, which the process failed. Then I had to do the enhanced one where I have to upload my driver license and picture. After that, I have transferred all my funds out of it and decided no more business with Bittrex at all.

They can change the rules on the fly one day, and I may lose all just because they feel like it. So it has been over a month that I transferred my funds out, and since then I have opened over 50 requests to close my account and delete all my identifications and important documents from their system.

Bittrex keeps consolidating my tickets, and nothing is happening. So, this clearly shows that the support is terrible. In my opinion, services like this must have support, because issues do happen and someone needs to take care of them as fast as they can. These guys don't.

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