21 September 2018 #1005008

Bittrex Not Allowing Exchange

Bittrex is the worst platform. I am using different platforms for different currencies so it will be less hassle for me but this one is by far the worst.

Bittrex made it soo difficult for me to do any transaction. In the first place Bittrex has allowed me to deposit Bitcoins, then they allowed me to exchange them to another cryptocurrency but when I wanted to take the other cryptocurrency, they didn't allow me giving me some ridiculous reason that my name is mismatching for whatever reasons.

I have sent customer service seven tickets to resolve this and every time I just get an automated response saying that it might take longer to get back to me due to high traffic. It has been three weeks now!!

I would never use them again, nor recommend using them. I just want to move my coins into a proper wallet, and that is it.

Kinnie M. Kinnie M. 2.037 Views

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