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I have an account at BTC-e for quite a while. As of late, they stopped my withdrawals inconclusively or until the point that I give all the needed information to their customer support. Must state that their help service is the most noticeably bad at any point experienc…

30 October 2018

I have been with BTC-e since 2014 and have never had any main problems with them until now. I endeavored to sign in to my account just to find that it had locked and that I needed to contact support to have it …

28 October 2018

Recently, the BTC-e executed these new terms of service where they request too much personal information. Numerous individuals like myself joined before this insane change. They are trying to take individual information as saying that it is for verification from individ…

28 October 2018

Try not to believe any individual who gives these individuals an excellent rating. They are mod working for BTC-e. On the off chance that you withdraw cash from your wallet they will lock your account. When you contact customer support, they require a ridiculous amount …

07 September 2018

I have around 150 Litecoins in my account and let them stay there, you know, similar to a decent financial specialist would. Almost four years after, I checked the costs and my coins are worth about $4,000. But my account is locked up as a result of inactivity. I did no…

02 September 2018


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