20 August 2018 #1011450

Casa De La Crypto Is Fake

Casa De La Crypto is full of a scam. They steal your money and suddenly disappear!

I have been looking for a reliable platform because I want to join the cryptocurrency trend and I do not have experience that much. Anyway, I bought 21 coins in total. But the thing is their price is a little lesser than the other markets, and they do not charge you for anything. This is the trick of scammers! First, they grab your attention, make fees lesser, and you think you are smart. The truth is you are not smart, and in the end, you lost your money!

I found out that when I try to make a transaction in my account. I want to exchange my Bitcoins for cash, so I want to withdraw money. The website is giving me an error for this action. So, I called the customer service, and they said that they would do the transaction for me. However, nothing happened. I decided to check my account after three hours, and my account blocked. I lost access to my account and customer service number is no longer using.

If their names are true than their name was Albert Mask, Conrad Jones, Marie Ilyin, Vladislav Makarov, Michail Polonsky, Dmitri Panov and many others. I had 21 bitcoins on the balance sheet. Brokers have disappeared. You can not withdraw your own money from the platform. Yet, they are blocking you. We are more than 50 people having this problem.

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