23 August 2018 #1011456

Fraud Company, Casa De La Crypto

I invested Bitcoins in a company called Casadelacrypto.com by a friend who saw advertising on Facebook. I saw that she was doing well, she was making a small exchange and gaining money from it. So I decided to join and try on a small amount which I did not afraid to lose.

On the very first day, a representative from the Casa De La Crypto customer support who is Maria Ilyina called me. She persuaded me that if I invest more money, the company will give me a bonus coin. I did not figure out how this works and agreed, which it was my fiİrst big mistake. A couple of small coins gain more value, and I made a little profit from them. Then she told me that we are opening more prominent deals for a significant amount investment that they have insider information and bitcoin will grow. This is their strategy. First, to show what you can earn, and when the client swallowed the bait, they open a negative transaction and begin to extort new deposits to "save" the old deposit. Like gambling! By the way, Maria Ilyina disappeared after she saw that she could not get more money from me.

Then came Vlad Makarov who is another representative. He also began to ask for extra money. He asked me to take a loan or found it somewhere. He forced me to open big deals; he shouted to my friend to send a deposit. So I added to 3.25 bio. When I realized what happened, it was already too late; all the money deposit to this scam company.

They drove me into the negative balance, and I could not open any deals myself because the prices for cryptocurrency I had on the platform were selling bitcoin 4k, buying 12k. Whatever deal I did not open, I would still be in loose. Then they accused my friend and me that we made the prices on the platform. Only it is unclear why we did not draw prices.

The company does not withdraw money from people who are not only they drove into the negative balance, But also those who have profit. They just blocked all accounts. I had available 3.78 bitcoins when I blocked. And when I asked why they answered: "there can be a million reasons." But they did not give a single one. I know that we blocked for video exposing their activities.

Casa De La Crypto is a scam.

Maryna S. Maryna S. 3.369 Views

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