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I have transferred my ethereum from Bitstamp to Cex.io because I heard that cex.io is more trustworthy than Bitstamp. However, I was wrong. The ETH never showed up in my CEX account nor my wallet. However, the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain and from the Bits…

21 October 2018

I have a friend who told me that Cex.io is an excellent platform for Bitcoin exchange and another cryptocurrency trading. Also, it was the time when the digital coins gained popularity. So I opened an account, but now I regret it. She told me a lot of good thing about i…

04 October 2018

I deposited some fiat and still in pending state on the Cex.io website. I asked my bank, and they confirmed that they sent the money two days ago. However, nothing showed on my wallet or account. I created a support ticket with the customer service and they supremely an…

30 September 2018

This month I noticed that my withdrawal request with Cex.io was on hold, with a note attached saying that I needed to go through verification and provide identification documents to verify my account details. The note also stated that I have to check my email for more i…

30 September 2018

Cex.io have a huge security breach in the authentication process. I signed up at Cex.io with my Google+ account and started trading for some time. Then I decided to retrieve my money, but I was unable to do it.…

25 September 2018

I am using various exchanges, and I recently started using Cex.io! I did the verification process a month ago with Cex.io meaning sending my ID and bank details pictures and all, and it took over two weeks to f…

23 September 2018

Just a quick recap of how lousy Cex.io is, a couple of days ago I transferred some amount for bitcoin to my wholly verified account on the Cex.io exchange with no problem at all, it went through smoothly. Then I sold it for USD, then began the process of transferring it…

22 September 2018

If a customer wants to make money transactions, they will be disappointed because they are very slow in processing the money transactions from the bank. I have been waiting for 3 months to have my account verified. So my all money is just stuck there, and they are not h…

21 September 2018

I'm like one of any person who still not gets my money from Cex.io. I sent a thousand euro a few months ago. Until now the money is still not in my account. I reached out to their customer support, and they only responded with: "We are sorry for delayed reply. Due to an…

20 September 2018

Cex.io is a new platform for cryptocurrencies. I invest a considerable amount of money in their platform for Bitcoin trading. However, I ended up with frauded instead of making money I lost everything. They are perfectly taking your money from your credit card or bank a…

28 August 2018


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