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adidas Logo

We have recently bought a coat (for a man) from the Adidas store. But its zipper broke at the very same day when I wore it. I immediately brought it back to the Adidas original store to kindly inform them about…

1 h
Myntra Logo

Your courier partners are terrible in behavior and also your Myntra customer service if I have an issue they won't help me they just say sorry. But my product is back to the warehouse, and I lost my deal. Couri…

06 December
Zara Logo

My 51577594096 numbered and 23 November 2018 dated order from Zara Turkey has not still been delivered. I have been sent a notification email declaring that my order will be delivered at latest on 4th December …

04 December
Nike Logo

I bought a tracksuit from Nike Istinye Park store on October 15, 2018. However, on November 2, 2018, I noticed a color change and fabric faults in stitch. So, I went to the Nike store in Istinye Park to change …

26 November
Zarif Tesettür Logo

I am living in the United States, and I ordered two different clothes from 10 days ago. They have international shipping. However, I did not receive my order yet, and I started to think my ord…

30 October
Coach Logo

I think that Coach has revised the way that they treat their customers' requests because of the way my case was handled the last time I contacted them about a turn lock mechanism. The first time I did this, I w…

09 October
New Balance Logo

I bought a shoe from New Balance's original store, and the shoe was ripped off with only four months. Even though I just used for indoor fitness. I directly went to the store that I purchased, and they directed…

26 September
Tommy Hilfiger Logo

I bought a t-shirt from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet t-shirt. However, after I try the t-shirt at home, I noticed it has a visible ripped on one shoulder.So I decided to return it and went to Tommy Hilfiger store.…

18 September
FabBeautyDresses Logo

The online shopping website called Fabdeal is frauded me. Two months ago I ordered some clothes and paid 75 US dollars. After three weeks from my order date, they delivered a wrong item. Also, it was cheap and …

17 September
Timberland Logo

For our winter holiday, I decided to buy Timberland for our whole family. I used their boots, and they are really waterproof and good quality. For my little son, I need to give a special order due to the proble…

28 August


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