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I highly suggest not to use Coinbase. I had a bad experience with that made me regret doing transactions with them. I wanted to invest in trading, so I transferred a small amount to Coinbase and followed their instructions on how to start. Now that it has been okay for …

17 November 2018

I made a purchase using my credit card, and Coinbase charged me twice for my order! After they did that they removed all the linked credit card from the system. I opened a support ticket but the customer support or service whatever, they did not respond to it! I have be…

12 November 2018

I want to withdraw some of my money in at my Coinbase wallet, and Coinbase told me to pay the withdrawal fee for some amount so I can verify my account. I did it twice. I contacted customer support by email, and they take a lot of time to reply the last email I sent the…

27 September 2018

It has been years that I have been using Coinbase, and now I decided to close my account because they have lots of problems that are not going to end with a conclusion. I have a few concerns about them, and most of my experience with them is not very good though I was a…

22 September 2018

When I first started to use Coinbase. I never thought that I would have problems with them because I thought they are a decent, and helpful company. So I registered and created an account with the linking my ba…

22 September 2018

I have been using Coinbase for many years to trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and now I decided to stop. It was okay when I am first using the website, but now they changed their fee like withdrawal charges, and they are so high. Aside from that, the delays are too …

20 September 2018

I requested withdrawal of some amount from my funds that are in my Coinbase account. So far the whole transaction went through peacefully. Customer support confirmed my request easily and sent me the money fast…

16 September 2018

I made a huge mistake in changing my phone without even changing my two-factor authentication. I know it was my fault. However, the other concerns I have is completely Coinbase's problems. I have been trying to buy some coin and exchange some of them. When I am in the m…

04 September 2018

I am a long-term customer of Coinbase platform. I had many cryptocurrency trades especially Bitcoin. I never had issues with them previously when I used them but this time is a different story. This time they disabled my account without any reason, and I could not get m…

30 August 2018

My coin payment received by Coinbase but they did not give my coins. Last month I purchased some coins. Like Bitcoins and ETH. I made a direct transfer from my bank to Coinbase. I have sent some previous paymen…

13 August 2018


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