16 September 2018 #1007599

Coinbase Charged Me Twice For Withdrawal

I requested withdrawal of some amount from my funds that are in my Coinbase account. So far the whole transaction went through peacefully. Customer support confirmed my request easily and sent me the money fastest than I expected. However, then the problem was after the transaction, they charged me twice for the withdrawal fee.

So I raised this issue to the support and they did not respond back! Even tough withdrawal amount it is some of my funds in my account, it is still huge. As a result of a huge amount, withdrawal is a huge amount of withdrawal fee. The fact of twice charging cost me a lot, and that is why I wanted my money back with full refund. Now, it has been three weeks and still no response received from any of their customer support team.

This exchange is doing some shady stuff so do not ever believe in any of its positive reviews online.

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