04 September 2018 #1007023

Coinbase Did Not Transfer My Old Funds

I made a huge mistake in changing my phone without even changing my two-factor authentication. I know it was my fault. However, the other concerns I have is completely Coinbase's problems.

I have been trying to buy some coin and exchange some of them. When I am in the middle of the transaction, Coinbase just immediately logs me out. I try to log in again, but the system did not let me do it.

I contacted customer support, but I only received intro emails that sounds more like a robot. So since I can't do the further transaction using my old coinbase account. I can't access my account because I changed my number and two-factor authentication. I had to create a new account as per their instruction.

When all are set and active, the support said there would be no problems and that they will transfer my funds. It has been days, yet there is still no transferred funds in my new account.

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