30 August 2018 #1007413

Coinbase Disabled My Account

I am a long-term customer of Coinbase platform. I had many cryptocurrency trades especially Bitcoin. I never had issues with them previously when I used them but this time is a different story. This time they disabled my account without any reason, and I could not get my money back.

When I tried to withdraw the funds, they told me that they would hold my funds for the next 72 hours for further verification so to speed up the process I sent overall my identifications and my picture was taken by my camera. Right after I sent all these requirements, they just disable my account.

What could be the possibility of having my account disabled when I was sending all the identifications to prove my identity?! When I try to contact customer service no one responded.

This company is so shady that I am now worried that I might not get my money back.

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