27 September 2018 #1003072

Coinbase Not Verify My Bank Account

I want to withdraw some of my money in at my Coinbase wallet, and Coinbase told me to pay the withdrawal fee for some amount so I can verify my account. I did it twice.

I contacted customer support by email, and they take a lot of time to reply the last email I sent them was on the 14th of December and they only replied to me today, 30th of January with an automated response which was not helpful at all.

So I would highly recommend no one to use this website. The only way I found to get my money back is to move it to a different platform and sell it there since I can't make my withdrawal in Coinbase. When I am looking through forums and reviews, I've seen that there are so many people who are having the same problem as me. I just hope someone can remove them in the industry.

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