22 September 2018 #1006988

Deactivating My Coinbase Account.

It has been years that I have been using Coinbase, and now I decided to close my account because they have lots of problems that are not going to end with a conclusion. I have a few concerns about them, and most of my experience with them is not very good though I was able to tolerate it, this time I refuse to be okay with it.

Some of those concerns are high charges in purchasing some coins, delays in doing the transaction and horrible customer service. I have linked my bank account to my coinbase account, and they have been taking money from my account since then. I sent a request asking them to stop taking any charges on my bank account since these are not authorized yet no one bothered to respond.

So its a lesson learned for me that I should not trust bands that are known to everyone because that does not mean that they are going to solve your problem and being a valuable brand.

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