20 September 2018 #1007590

I Decided Not To Use Coinbase Anymore

I have been using Coinbase for many years to trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and now I decided to stop. It was okay when I am first using the website, but now they changed their fee like withdrawal charges, and they are so high.

Aside from that, the delays are too much that it stresses me out all the time when I make a withdrawal. Withdrawal process took around 1 to 2 weeks so when I need urgent money, it is impossible to get immediately. In addition to that lousy withdrawal service, you can never ask help from their customer support.

Customer support is so weak that you don't want to speak to them because they rarely reply to you. Even if I tried to reach out and ask for the refund of their overdraft charges and bounced payments, still they never respond back properly. Now I want that Coinbase can improve its customer services.

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