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I was a satisfied customer with Coinbase until they blocked my account and prevented my trade. Like many users I previously had smooth transactions with Coinbase until the time came when I could not sign in to …

12 August 2018

After the digital currencies gain popularity, many websites become available for worldwide or made other versions of themselves for the specific country. One example of this website is Coinbase. Surprisingly, C…

11 August 2018

If you are a customer and badly in need of support team or customer service, don't expect that from Coinbase itself! Last month I started to use Coinbase for Bitcoin investment. Many people using Coinbase that …

11 August 2018

Coinbase is a most popular and trustworthy website for coin market. Anyone who is interested in coins choose Coinbase first. Anyway, I’m using the Coinbase company for six months already for my coin transaction…

07 August 2018


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