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WALA-TV (along with its three subchannels) is the only TV station within a 50-mile radius of Mobile, aL that still broadcasts on a VHF over the air frequency. All other stations in the Mobile, AL/Pensacola, fL …

10 June 2019
Bright House Networks Logo

I do not know what has happened to Bright House Networks and I have been their customer for about two years. They used to be a great company being able to provide proper services to everyone. However, as their …

01 April 2019
Golden Corral Logo

I think Golden Corral has stingy policies. If you are running a buffet, then you should do your best to be able to provide for all your patrons no matter what the cost is because this is your business. They rec…

01 April 2019
Ty Ty Nursery Logo

I was not able to read the comments about Ty Ty Nursery, and I just purchased from them. I got to reading the reviews and found out that all of them were nasty if you were to ask me. However, my experience with…

01 April 2019
CarMax Logo

I want to know why the people over at CarMax require such a large deposit from their customers because it does not make sense to me at all. They seemed to have wrecked my wishes of having a vehicle that would b…

01 April 2019
CareCredit Logo

I do not know why CareCredit has not been reporting my payments, and I do not know why no matter how much I pay them, nothing is happening. My dog needed immediate surgery, and my card was declined. I called th…

01 April 2019

I think that CARCHEX should be dealt with accordingly for the way that they have been treating me. I noticed that I would not be getting anything from them at all and I feel as if something should be done about…

19 March 2019
LG Electronics Logo

I think that LG Electronics should pay for not being able to help me out with the things that I need from them. It annoys me that they do not what to do at all with the dishwasher problems that I am having. In …

19 March 2019
Cenlar Logo

I really think that the folks over at Cenlar really need to get their billing together because I am not too happy with the way they have been billing me as of late and I think that they should do something abou…

19 March 2019
Century Communities Logo

I think that Century Communities was not able to provide us with a home that would last us the test of time. I am so annoyed at them and I feel as if something should be done about them at the soonest possible …

19 March 2019


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