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Since ordering online is now a thing, I decided to try it with Hot Topic. That turned out to be the worst idea since one, they lost my item; and two, they don't even get back to your refund. Upon finishing the …

1 d
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I once had to get some things printed out, and when I arrived at Office Depot, one employee had helped me out despite doing many other things. I got my copies rather quickly, and that same employee proceeded wi…

1 d
Chili's Grill & Bar Logo

A few months back, I had landed in an airport which had a Chili's Grill & Bar. I had gone in but was turned off by the tables which were dirty - more than 50 percent of them were left grubby. Anyway, I went on …

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I had prearranged reservations for three roundtrip tickets which I made via Expedia. However, it was unclear that the trip going back would have additional charges (for the hand-carries) reasonably close to a h…

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Wish Logo

I purchased silver Keke dog stud earrings. I want to return the item since it's way too small and the quality is not good. The vendor requests a photo of the item in its original packaging to be sent via the ap…

1 d

I first filed a complaint, requesting assistance since the bag handle of my DKNY Sutton (which cost 180 sterling pounds) broke, and this is only after two months of owning the item. I got in touch with after-sa…

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I recently flew from Johannesburg Terminal A to Heathrow (London) Terminal 5 and Heathrow (London) Terminal 5 to Johannesburg Terminal A. I was traveling with my children on said flights, and it's the first lon…

1 d
GAP Logo

I've tried filing complaints via their customer service, and they don't even respond. I would be a good judge since I once had what was supposed to be an undemanding concern and yet it couldn't get solved. So, …

14 February
Air France Logo

On September 2018, my flight was from Beirut, Lebanon to Bordeaux, France with a stopover at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Upon reaching our final destination, we had to wait 5 hours for our luggage to appear.…

14 February
Yelp Logo

I still have not finished setting up my account with the folks over at Yelp when I find that my credit card was already being charged even though I did not go through with the whole shenanigans of getting every…

13 February


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