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Charter Communications Logo

I think that the service of Charter Communications has gone down the drain as of late because we have experienced almost a week of really terrible problems with our service. I think that something should be don…

19 March 2019
19 March 2019
Synchrony Bank Logo

I want to know what has happened to my points from Sam's Club Plus as I know that their tie-up with Synchrony Bank should be giving me cash rewards points or something of the sort. I have not used the MasterCar…

10 March 2019
Chick-fil-A Logo

I want to know what is wrong with the kitchen over at a particular location of Chick-fil-A because it almost seems as if they are not doing anything to help me out with the problems that I am having with them. …

10 March 2019
CBS Sports Logo

I think that sports commentators should not be sharing their own opinions in favor of certain teams because this just creates a bias that annoys the viewers. This has been the case with CBS Sports lately, and I…

09 March 2019
ASC Warranty Logo

I think that ASC Warranty is one of the worst warranties that you can find out in the market and I think that something should be done about them at the soonest possible time if you were to ask me. I do not app…

09 March 2019

I seriously think that the management of OCWEN should run a tighter ship because dealing with them has been ultimately stressful if you were to ask me. I am so annoyed because they seem to be flip-flopping on t…

09 March 2019
Menards Logo

If you think you can get something substantial from the folks over at Menards in terms of their rebate programs, then I would advise you to think again. They constantly advertise rebates, but what they never te…

08 March 2019
ClockWay Logo

Naturally, I did some extensive research before ordering from them since they are a rather small vendor and I have heard of such bad experiences ordering from these online shops. However, I did not chance upon …

08 March 2019
Nathan's Famous Logo

I went to one of your branches since I had one of those buy-1-get-1-free coupons. It was an awful experience for me since both pieces were so dry and tasteless. In fact, I had thrown away both of them. I just w…

07 March 2019


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