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PNC Financial Services Group Logo

So I stepped into one of their branches today since I had to put in some money and let me tell you, their employees are the worst. Unfortunately for them, many others are with me on this. I approached one of th…

07 March 2019
Grand Incentives / Grand Navigator Logo

I made an error thinking I was entitled to an all-expense paid travel, so I sent it the necessary fee to avail of it since you have to make arrangements nearly two months prior. However, I did some research and…

07 March 2019
Ralphs Logo

Back on 11/12, I had parked at Valley Plaza since I had to get to Ralph's to purchase some items. Upon getting back to my vehicle, I learned that it was towed. I went to get my vehicle back and had to pay north…

05 March 2019
Net10 Wireless Logo

This company knows no customer care. I have waited 30 days for a sim card so my service could finally work again but I already have nearly five sims with me and still no service. Additionally, I paid so much in…

05 March 2019
TGI Friday's Logo

My partner and I are regulars on Fridays, and we've noticed that they keep on replacing food items and ingredients. We usually get their special rubs and steaks and the mash and mac & cheese. Not a long while b…

05 March 2019
PandaResearch Logo

I found out that I've only been approved a little over 20 USD when I accomplished more than a hundred bucks in surveys. In the 36 months, I've spent doing this; I've only received that small amount. I've gone f…

05 March 2019
Crafter's Choice Logo

Nearly a month back, I sent a cancel request since I had accidentally purchased two of the same books. I assumed it wouldn't be difficult to cancel since they were made via pre-order. However, the package I rec…

05 March 2019
Edward Jones Logo

On 11/13/18, we met with this certain Edward Jones Mac Wren and signed the forms to release $5,000. Mac told us he would send us a check in the coming days. On 11/18, we told him we hadn’t yet received the chec…

05 March 2019
Mr. Appliance Logo

I brought my broken GE fridge and microwave to Mr. Applicance, and it took the employees half an hour to figure out what was wrong with the appliances. To make matters worse, the senior technician ends up sayin…

27 February 2019
Outback Steakhouse Logo

The grilled shrimp was very disappointing. The portion was rather small, and the shrimp size was tiny. I requested to talk to the manager and said to at least serve something worth my hard-earned money, somethi…

26 February 2019


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