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Cricket Wireless Logo

On 12/9, I bought a device and needed a Cricket to protect plan for it. I got in touch with a CSR to enroll in Cricket Protect Device Insurance. She then asks for all my details and requests a payment worth nea…

26 February 2019
HomeAdvisor Logo

"The customer is always right" doesn't apply to HomeAdvisor. They see to it to find policies to use against a client who complains. To make matters worse, when they don't have a rule on a certain concern, they …

26 February 2019
Merrill Lynch Logo

On December 12, 2018, I had applied for a hardship to finance my mother's cremation. Her remains have been stored in the funeral home since December 11. There are deadlines, urgency, and despair when applying f…

26 February 2019
Zaxby's Logo

On February 11, 2019, I did a drive-thru and learned, upon reaching the house, that I didn't get my change amounting to 10 USD. Naturally, given the amount, I called and talked to a certain manager who seemingl…

26 February 2019
Wegmans Logo

I think that somebody over at Wegmans should have a little more consideration for the elderly. There was an elderly couple who was combed for shoplifting. They checked through three hundred dollars worth of the…

26 February 2019
Direct Energy Logo

I want to know it is so hard for the people over at Direct Energy to get that we do not want anything to do with them and we do not need their services. They have been calling our company relentlessly, and I fe…

26 February 2019
MetroPCS Logo

The people over at MetroPCS have been giving me the runaround, and I do not understand why they are like this. It almost seems as if they do not understand that they need to unlock my phone because I am already…

26 February 2019
First Data Logo

I think that First Data should be put out of business if you were to ask me, the way that they have been treating people who decide to avail of their services is just absolutely horrible. I received one of thei…

26 February 2019
Pulte Homes Logo

I own a home that was built by the people over at Pulte Homes, and it is barely a decade, and a half old and major structural damage can be seen. The foundations are starting to crack out of nowhere. We are now…

23 February 2019
GE Money Bank Logo

I think that the people over at GE Money Bank cannot be trusted to the maximum extent with your money. The reason is, I was put in a situation where they were trying to deny me access to a deposit, and it was a…

23 February 2019


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