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Sunexpress Havayolları Logo

I'm complaining about Sunexpress. They gave me my suitcase damaged report they sent everything I said they did not match and then refuse. They're kidding, passenger. They don't even call me, they just write and…

23 February 2019
Freedom Mortgage Logo

I think that Freedom Mortgage has no consideration of the plight of their clients because I am still receiving unnecessary mail and visitors from their end. They have to understand that I have done my part in p…

23 February 2019
Quicken Loans Logo

I personally think that customer service that Quicken Loans has in not worth your time at all because it is really very poor if you were to ask me. I had changed my representatives, and I had to deal with someo…

23 February 2019

I am not one of the happiest people when it comes to the actions of the CLV GROUP, and I feel as if something should be done about this company at the soonest possible time. I do not get why they have increased…

23 February 2019
North American Hunting Club Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with the North American Hunting Club because they told us that there was a life membership before which a lot of people, including myself, have paid so much money…

23 February 2019
Zerowater Logo

I think that Zerowater engages in false advertising and markets their products in ways that seem to be receptive to their customers. I am annoyed that they have been making claims about their products that they…

23 February 2019
Lennar Logo

I think that I will not recommend anyone I know to purchase anything from the people over at Lennar any longer because of the experience that I have had with them. I am so annoyed with them, and I feel as if so…

23 February 2019
Select Portfolio Servicing Logo

You do not want the people over at Select Portfolio Servicing to be servicing your loan because the moment that you are behind just once, you will be slapped with fees on their end. Moreover, they seem to endea…

23 February 2019
Hot Topic Logo

Since ordering online is now a thing, I decided to try it with Hot Topic. That turned out to be the worst idea since one, they lost my item; and two, they don't even get back to your refund. Upon finishing the …

17 February 2019
Office Depot Logo

I once had to get some things printed out, and when I arrived at Office Depot, one employee had helped me out despite doing many other things. I got my copies rather quickly, and that same employee proceeded wi…

17 February 2019


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