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Chili's Grill & Bar Logo

A few months back, I had landed in an airport which had a Chili's Grill & Bar. I had gone in but was turned off by the tables which were dirty - more than 50 percent of them were left grubby. Anyway, I went on …

17 February 2019
United Airlines Logo

I had prearranged reservations for three roundtrip tickets which I made via Expedia. However, it was unclear that the trip going back would have additional charges (for the hand-carries) reasonably close to a h…

17 February 2019
Wish Logo

I purchased silver Keke dog stud earrings. I want to return the item since it's way too small and the quality is not good. The vendor requests a photo of the item in its original packaging to be sent via the ap…

17 February 2019

I first filed a complaint, requesting assistance since the bag handle of my DKNY Sutton (which cost 180 sterling pounds) broke, and this is only after two months of owning the item. I got in touch with after-sa…

17 February 2019
British Airways Logo

I recently flew from Johannesburg Terminal A to Heathrow (London) Terminal 5 and Heathrow (London) Terminal 5 to Johannesburg Terminal A. I was traveling with my children on said flights, and it's the first lon…

17 February 2019
GAP Logo

I've tried filing complaints via their customer service, and they don't even respond. I would be a good judge since I once had what was supposed to be an undemanding concern and yet it couldn't get solved. So, …

14 February 2019
Air France Logo

On September 2018, my flight was from Beirut, Lebanon to Bordeaux, France with a stopover at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Upon reaching our final destination, we had to wait 5 hours for our luggage to appear.…

14 February 2019
Yelp Logo

I still have not finished setting up my account with the folks over at Yelp when I find that my credit card was already being charged even though I did not go through with the whole shenanigans of getting every…

13 February 2019
Shell Logo

I do not understand what basis a Shell station for giving me a price tag on the fuel that I had supposedly consumed from their end. I am so annoyed at them right now because their little screen was not even wor…

12 February 2019
KFC Logo

I am so annoyed at why I had to wait for almost an hour for my burger to arrive at KFC because they told me it would only take ten minutes. This really annoyed me because I felt as if they did not care about me…

12 February 2019


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