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I have had such a bad time with the people over at Remax because they do not seem to really care about their customers at all. I have heard so many stories about the way they have been treating the people who h…

12 February 2019
Epson Logo

I feel like Epson should not force their customers to use the ink that they produce because it seems as if they are doing their best to jam their products down your throat. Something must be done about this com…

12 February 2019
Asus Logo

I am a little more than annoyed at how long it has been taking Asus to get back to me as to the repair status of the laptop that I had sent back to them. I was so annoyed because I barely had my computer for fi…

12 February 2019
AliExpress Logo

I think the problem with AliExpress is the fact that their responsibilities end once you sign the receiving form for your package from them. I was absolutely annoyed when I found out that the tablet that I had …

12 February 2019
Yahoo! Logo

I really want to know what Yahoo! has done to the golf tracker program that they used to host on their website because it seemed as if it had disappeared completely the last time I tried to check it out. I do n…

12 February 2019
Forever 21 Logo

I saw this really good looking jacket the last time I decided to go shopping over at Forever 21, and I really felt as if I wanted it. I asked one of the sales representatives to help me out, and she looked like…

12 February 2019
Chrysler Logo

I know that there have already been two recalls on one of the internal functions of my Chrysler vehicle. However, for some particular odd reason, the folks over at Chrysler do not want to help me out with the r…

12 February 2019 Logo

I understand that skin types differ per individual, but I cannot bring myself to say that Clinique's products are of the utmost quality and effect changes they claim. While the brand can be considered one of th…

09 February 2019
Amazon Logo

I had ordered shoes and experienced such a poor service. I learned that my partner found the package by a tree on the side of the road of where our driveway begins - we have a long driveway which goes all the w…

09 February 2019
Pringles Logo

At one football game, my son purchased a Pringles tube and saw a black mark on one of the chips - and it was not just a burn mark. This resulted in him not finishing the tube of which he more often than not enj…

09 February 2019


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