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Name: Cryptopia Ltd.

I am very disappointed about Cryptopia cryptocurrency platform's customer support and services! I registered to Cryptopia in about 3 weeks ago, but when I decided to make my first deposit with buying Ethereum f…

24 September 2018

Today I had a very bad experience with Cryptopia. They are doing some maintenance to their SPANK wallet system. When I went to deposit, Cryptopia didn't show me any warning about that. I have a huge amount worth of SPANK which just got locked there that I can't access. …

20 September 2018

I opened an account with Cryptopia 2 months ago to buy some of the altcoins. I recently tried to withdraw a tiny amount of my Bitcoins from Cryptopia to different exchange’s wallet. Then, I waited two days, and it showed 0 confirmations. I opened a support ticket and wa…

31 July 2018


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