27 August 2018 #1009861

All My DenMat Lumineers Cracked

I lost my four front teeth years ago, and I had many operations. Lastly, I decided to do lumineers for my teeth covered them.

After years of using my lumineers, they need to change. My old dentist closed his office, so I need to find a good place to fix my teeth.

So from my online researched, I decided the to do at DenMat. Their price was reasonable and claims their lumineers are last longer than others. So I fixed my teeth and I was satisfied for three months. After three months they start to prolapse and finally cracked. I went to their place the fix the first one but months after the rest of the three started to crack too!

Now, I had another lumineer chip! This is my 4th cracked/chipped Lumineer since I paid $4800.00 for them. It is my front upper and is severely irritating my gums and cheek tissue and looks awful as well.

I am highly disappointed with the quality of your product! The last one that broke cost me over $800 to fix (out of pocket). I am currently without dental insurance nor do I have the means to pay for a fix.

My old dentist is unable to provide a solution as the 5-year warranty has expired and not being here. According to their website, "Lumineers are proven to last up to 20 years".

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